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We are Magento!

That was the theme for Imagine 2016 – Magento’s yearly conference. It feels right to say it. We are Magento. You walk in and feel a sense of accomplishment. Magento, the enterprise-ready​ open-source e-commerce​ solution that’s been around since 2008 now boast around 29.8% of the top 30 ecommerce platforms, has recently spun off of eBay and has a reinvigorated focus.

We are Magento – what does it mean? Well it clearly means that the company will be around for the next ten years. At least thats the plan. If you had any doubts about that, they were clearly drained out along with the chips at the roulette table in Las Vegas. It’s easy to say a company will be around for another ten years, but Magento has some clear-cut plans and goals laid, and even new product/service offerings.

For example, Magento’s Commerce Order Management Suite is the final solution for a corporation with many brick and mortar locations. It allows the company to have no central warehouse by leveraging each store as its own mini fulfillment center. It can choose the store closest to the customer for expedited and cheap shipping options can be offered to your client.

Next up is Magento Enterprise Cloud. For too long merchants have had to find many different companies to handle different aspects of their Magento store. For example, an adequate hosting partner who supports Magento and has extensive knowledge on how to make it scale as the client grows. Magento Enterprise Cloud is an option that allows the client to simply choose Magento for their hosting and scaling needs.

Lastly, the changes to the extension market place that are coming down the pipeline will be a much needed additional revenue stream for Magento. A commission-based structure will exist for all paid modules, meaning Magento corporate will receive money from module purchases regardless of if the customer is using the enterprise version or community version. I think this is a welcomed addition. Many small and medium sized retailers are using the community edition, and now they will inheritably be helping the company that gave them the foundation to their site.

The event featured opportunities to meet with vendors, clients, agencies, and merchants. As with every year, its just a crazy 72 hours in which you try to absorb as much as you can, take notes, and hope that half of it makes its way back home with you.

Some notable vendors to look at this year:

  • Pepperjam – Affiliate Management Network and Platform
  • SignifyD – Fraud Prevention for your Magento Store.
  • DotMailer – New Pricing Model, removes a major barrier of entry for small / medium merchants.
  • OroCRM – Crm for Magento. Checkout our OroCRM Page!

Lastly, We are Magento!

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