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HTML 5 Programming

HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the internet. Its core aims to provide a cross platform standard that integrates the latest multimedia onto devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android operating systems and standard PC’s. It provides a better experience for a wide range of uses, including: Mobile, gaming and business.

HTML5 does not belong to a company or a specific browser. It has been forged by a community of people interested in evolving the web and a consortium of technological leaders that includes Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Facebook, IBM, HP, Adobe, and many others. The community and consortium continue to collaborate on universal browser standards to push web capabilities even further. The next generation of web apps can run high-performance graphics, work offline, store a large amount of data on the client, perform calculations fast, and take interactivity and collaboration to the next level.

Why should you be interested in HTML5?

  • HTML5 APIs let you create apps that work even when they’re not connected to Wifi
  • It is made for cross-platform use (mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Enhanced graphical content (3D graphics and special effects)
  • Noticeably fast load time

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