MSP Referral Program

How’s $1,000 or even $5,000, sound for simply referring clients? We get clients, you get money, and they get professional reliable website design, support, and ongoing optimizations. Win – Win – Win.

4 Easy Steps

1. Identify clients that have a need for an updated website

Determine those clients who have asked you for website support in the past. Maybe you already know their website isn't responsive, or just isn't working right in desktop or mobile browsers.

2. Submit your referral

Ask them for permission to have Creating Digital reach out to them directly. Simply use the form below, with the main point of contacts name, phone number, and email.

4 Easy Steps

3. Creating Digital Takes Over

We reach out to your contact to schedule a discovery call. We identify and pinpoint their exact needs and make sure its a good fit. We make you look like the rockstar you are.

4. You Get Paid

You get 10% of all web design projects and support contracts for the full first year. We reconcile every 90 days.

Submit a Lead

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Join the Program

If your an MSP, and interested in joining our program, please enter your details below.

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Referral Calculator

How much can you make by referring clients?

How many clients are you in contact with each month that might need a website?
How many would spend $3,000+ if they could double their leads, or double their close rate, or automate processes to save on employee headcount?
Average deal size ($) Enter $3,000 - $10,000
Total Earnings per Month

Why are we partnering with MSPs?

As your clients trusted IT partner, you may be the first person they ask about website design and support. Working with many MSPs in the past, we know you would rather stick to the desktop, network, and infrastructure portions of your clients business. Our program is simple, you provide us website design leads and you can get a percentage of the website design project as a referral fee. We don’t do desktop support or in-house IT services. It’s a win win.

How much do you pay for leads?

A new site build will yield anywhere from $6,000 – $15,000. Our program is offering 10% for solid leads. Just for referring people to us, you can get between $600 – $1500. We also offer clients website support plans if they have existing sites built on a platform we support. These range from $1800 a year to $10k monthly. Additionally, we are willing to work out special terms with companies that have shown a proven track record of providing qualified business.

Who is this program open to?

Currently, the program is only open to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Companies of 5 or more employees. We have chosen to limit the program to these companies on a referral basis to ensure we remain dedicated to providing our partners with all needed collateral and industry knowledge they need to succeed with the program. Once we nail down the execution of our referral program, we will open it to companies in additional verticals. If your not an MSP or IT provider, contact us and we can still service your account and work out a one time referral.

Why Team Up With Creating Digital?

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