Creating Digital Attends Meet Magento New York 2019

September 5-6, 2019

Meet Magento NYC Main Ballroom

Meet Magento NYC 2019 has come and gone.  The event was bigger and better than past years, totalling approximately 600 attendees.  Creating Digital will break down a review of the event, lessons learned, and the excitement for Magento Development and ecommerce.

This years Meet Magento NYC was held at a new venue, the Edison Ballroom by MageMojo.  The venue was the docker of conferences!  (Developers, see what I did there?) For our non techy visitors, all I mean by that is that the historic building made the conference break into blocks.  Its 3 tracks of topics spanned across 3 floors, with a rooftop terrace for the sponsor gallery and cocktails.  All in all, the venue staff, food, beverages, and service were top-notch.  The split floors divided the crowds and personally left me with a feeling that the event had fewer attendees than last year, which they immediately corrected us on.

There were excellent presentations all around.  We’ll just talk about a few of our favorite.  The first one we will mention is Tom Robershaw, from Space 48 talking about securing your store from MageCart attacks using CSP.  He broke down how to implement is from start to finish and some third-party tools used to sort through the log data.  (

MageMojo teased their Stratus 3 platform which holds capabilities to onboard new developers and create development instances in mere minutes instead of hours.  It is crazy to see how fast they are creating new tools and adding new tools to the Magento community since their first MMNY event a few years ago.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Digital Advertising by Psyberware, was a full on 30 minute enlightenment session where they broke down everything you thought to be true about digital advertising in ecommerce and pulled the rug from underneath you.  Everyone in the room left feeling more empowered to make decisions from ad campaign reporting.

The conference closed out with a big reminder of how far Magento version 2 has come.  Everyone agrees that version 2.3, the latest, is extremely stable, and agencies and developers alike are seeing a reduction in the time tasks take.  Third party extensions are seeing maturity and bugs from third parties have been getting squashed.  It was also pointed out that until 2.0 released, everyone was taking a waiting approach.  To get people to use it, third party integrators to integrate, and modules to port over, Magento had to release it to the world with minimal support, and minimal vendor modules ready to go.  It was pointed out that the product couldn’t become mature without first being mature.

This final talk was an entryway into the future of PWA. PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps, and Magento is leading the ecommerce world in developing the first PWA platform. PWA’s have all the advantages of a native mobile app on any device, plus lightning fast and responsive performance, even when offline.  Magento has been working on this for a long time, and the early prototypes and tool sets are amazing – for developers to look at.  They are not merchant ready yet.  Core functionality is still missing like checkout and shipping options.  Yup, that will hold back a merchant from using it soon.  However, there is going to be a push for it to release once the minimum viable product is there.  An MVP of PWA is sure to ruffle a few feathers, just like Magento 2.0 did.  In the end, Magento will come out stronger and be ahead of the competition in providing the best online ecommerce solutions of the future.

Do you have an existing Magento website?  Are you having trouble finding available and affordable help for your online business? Creating Digital has worked on Magento since 2009 and verbose in Magento 1 and Magento 2.  Contact us today for help with your store.

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