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Laravel is one of the most popular CRM’s in the marketplace. It is highly scale-able and with many of the biggest companies in the world using it as their CRM product. We have done several integrations with websites and salesforce. We have pulled data out of salesforce instances onto customers websites to show live up to date statistics, data, events, and contacts. We have also integrated website portals to push data, leads, logins, activity into salesforce to keep a 360 degree view of contacts. We are an NYC Salesforce Web Agency and New Jersey Salesforce web integrators! Call us today!

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Salesforce Development Agency

Creating Digital has a team of highly skilled web developers, who specialize in integrating websites into Salesforce. Creating Digital can also pull data from Salesforce and display it directly onto your website or customer portal. Some services our developers are capable of include pushing leads into salesforce, creating accounts and contacts from activity on your website, updating contacts records to show action or events taken on a website or portal, pulling user data out of salesforce for use within a website portal. Creating Digital has successfully completed numerous projects, which utilize the Salesforce PHP SDK platform, and have been praised for their originality.

Salesforce Integration Hosting

Salesforce integration usually requires a middleware application to do the syncing and pulling into and out of Salesforce. These servers generally experience a higher load and traffic volume when syncing the data. Depending on the number of records, the activities being recorded, and a variety of other factors memory usage and cpu usage can spike much more than typical websites. If your company chooses to do a Salesforce Website Integration, our team can provide shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and even private dedicated cloud solutions. Creating Digital will work with you and your budget as well as your requirements to develop the hosting plan that is right for your company and allows for future growth, scalability and fits in your budget.

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