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HTML5 Banner Ads

The team at Creating Digital can design, develop and implement standard HTML5 banner ads and DoubleClick Studio rich media banner advertisements. We’re certified in Double Click Studio and your one stop Double Click Studio Agency! Creating Digital can build banner advertisements for advertising agencies or clients direct.  We are a premier HTML 5 banner development agency located in the New Jersey / New York metro area.  We have built Retail HTML5 Banners, Pharmaceutical HTML5 Banners, Financial Services HTML5 Banners, and other heavily regulated HTML5 Banners.  We are happy to be a Double Click Studio Certified.

What is a HTML 5 Banner Advertisement?

Many companies commonly use banner advertisements to promote their products and services. Similar to traditional advertisements, banners aim to notify consumers of the product or service available, and why the consumer should choose the specific product. Banners aim to attract traffic to a specific location by linking directly from the banner to the website of the advertised product or service.  They often contain animation lasting between 15-30 seconds.  There are industry specific guidelines that should be followed regarding the speed, file size, and functionality of the HTML 5 Banner Ads.

What is a Rich Media HTML 5 Banner Ads?

A DoubleClick Studio Development Rich Media HTML 5 Banner Ad can contain a combination of images and/or videos that specifically aim to involve the end user in some kind of interaction. These banners can incorporate a higher level of creativity than normal banner ads, and thus can resonate higher with the end user. Rich media banners are larger in size than normal banner ads.  We have experience with financial banner ads, pharmaceutical banner ads, and consumer/retail banner development.

Can you handle HTML 5 Banner Development for our agency or company?

Absolutely!  We can design storyboards, layouts, and make sure the banners are built to spec for you.  If you already have artwork and designs and only need development – we do that too!  We can even do white label banner development for your agency!  Contact us today!

Benefits of HTML 5 and DoubleClick Rich Media Advertising

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • More visually interesting than a static banner
  • Can incorporate video and audio into the banner advertisements
  • Consumers can interact with Flash and Rich Media banners
  • Interactive experience for the consumer creates a direct relationship to the brand
  • Higher customization and creativity available with Flash and Rich Media banners
  • 100% accepted on all reputable advertising exchanges.


We are proud to be DoubleClick Studio Certified X 2!  We have two separate certifications in Double Click Studio!

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