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Flash to HTML5 Banner Ad Conversion

The team at Creating Digital can take your standard flash advertising banners and DoubleClick Studio rich media banner advertisements and convert them to HTML5. Creating Digital can build banner advertisements for advertising agencies or client direct.  We are a premier banner development agency located in the New Jersey / New York metro area.

Why would you want to convert Flash Banner Ads to HTML 5?

Many browsers are starting to make flash disabled or opt-in only by default.  This means many users will likely not see your banner ads in the future.  Flash’s life span in the advertising world is limited as evident in this Ad Age article.   Clients may have flash banners ads already in market and may not have the full creative budget to do brand new ads.  For these clients, we can simply convert the banners from flash to HTML 5.

What is needed to convert my banner from Flash to HTML 5?

We can convert your flash banner ads to HTML 5 in most cases with just a copy of the swf file.  However, for best results we recommend providing us with original PSD’s, font files, and any storyboards that may have been used during the development of the original banners.

Can you handle HTML 5 Banner Development for our agency or company?

Absolutely!  We can design storyboards, layouts, and make sure the banners are built to spec for you.  If you already have artwork and designs and only need development – we do that too!  We can even do white label banner development for your agency!  Contact us today!

Benefits of HTML 5 Banners and DoubleClick Rich Media Advertising

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • More visually interesting than a static banner
  • Can incorporate video and audio into the banner advertisements
  • Consumers can interact with HTML 5 and Rich Media banners
  • Interactive experience for the consumer creates a direct relationship to the brand
  • Higher customization and creativity available with HTML 5 and Rich Media banners
  • 100% accepted on all reputable advertising exchanges.